Let Strictly
Business Systems, Inc. manage your network so “YOU” can manage your business.

When your
network goes down, your business goes down. Finally there is a proactive
approach that you can take to decrease network downtime, increase overall
network performance, and reduce the costs associated with managing your IT

We provide a
full range of network management and monitoring services by certified engineers
allowing you to focus your resources on managing your business, knowing that
your network is in good hands.

Network Services f provides you with constant network monitoring of
mission-critical network devices to ensure that your critical resources are
24 x 7 network monitoring
Decreased network downtime
Increased network performance
Guaranteed Service Level Agreements customized to meet the needs of your mission-critical
business technology
Accurate and timely reporting allowing you web-based access to critical
information regarding your network performance and status
Customized plans and packages built to meet your specific needs

Am I a good
candidate for Managed Network Services?

downtime results in a significant loss of revenue. Not only is your business
placed on hold during network outages, but your employees are also placed on
hold, unable to use the critical resources necessary to be productive.

Your IT
staff is stretched thin, focusing on day-to-day network management and support.
Often, critical network performance monitoring doesn’t take place and the
precursors of downtime are overlooked. Finally, you can take a proactive
approach to monitoring the health of your network, and in many cases avoid
costly unplanned downtime before it occurs.

How does
Strictly Business remotely monitor my network?
Strictly Business has constructed a world-class network operations center (NOC)
that is built upon the concept of redundancy. To ensure that our monitoring
facility is always functional and always available, we have fully applied the
concept of redundancy to power, air handling, and internet feeds, as well as to
our own mission-critical network devices.

From our NOC
location, Strictly Business establishes and maintains a secure VPN connection
to your network in order to monitor the performance of mission critical

Node Monitoring
Strictly Business can remotely and proactively monitor routers, switches,
servers, and other mission critical equipment on your network.

Security Management
Network security is a significant concern in today’s vast technology arena.
Strictly Business can add a layer of network protection to ensure that your
company’s vital information is NOT compromised.

Strictly Business can proactively monitor your network for viruses, as well as
ensure that you have the most up-to-date virus definitions.

Scalability Planning
Our proactive reporting allows you to determine when upgrades or network
changes are needed.
Asset Inventory Management
Strictly Business can provide you with detailed reports of your hardware and
software inventory.

Software Delivery
Applying software patches and upgrades to your servers and workstations has
never been so easy. Strictly Business can automate the process of deploying
software within your organization.

Basic Server
Let Strictly Business augment your IT Staff by providing basic server administration.
Strictly Business provides industry-certified technicians to assist you with
your installation and support needs.

We sell and
service most brands of Servers, Workstations, Network Infrastructure
Components, VOIP, Printers, Copiers, Software